Welcome to Stuzzi Cheria Tribeca! We understand that being online can seem overwhelming, but that’s not a reason to miss out on all the fun and excitement it opens you up to, wherever you are. And nothing is quite as enjoyable as playing online poker. Just like traditional poker, online poker involves the same tactical play, a little bit of bluffing and everything else that makes up the psychological aspect of the game. And you can’t forget that slight thrill that jolts through you when you have the upper hand. Of course you do miss out on the buzz of the live action such as seeing your opponents sitting across from you and that interaction with other players. However there are benefits on playing online that even things out.

Meet Jon – The man behind Stuzzi…

So Stuzzi Cheria Tribeca is here to get you started as a confident and competent online poker player. The first thing we do to get you on the road to this goal is host weekly online meet-ups where you can engage with other players like yourselves. There we can discuss tips and strategies, engage with your concerns relating to the safety and security involved with being online and using online casinos, share suggestions of online casinos that you’ve enjoyed playing at or tell us your horror stories (although we’re pretty sure you’ll avoid these by following our advice!). You can also browse through our website where we talk about online safety and security, give you a couple of pointers about playing poker online, and offer a couple of casino suggestions to start you off. Don’t waste time being nervous, get out there and start playing!

Welcome to our About US, this is we tell a bit about ourselves. Well, that is rather obvious as the page is about us. Anyways before we bore you to death with waffling, allow to introduce ourselves. That way, you too can feel free to tell us a bit about yourselves. Such that at the end of the day, we are a great big online poker family.

Who are we?

Well, that should be an easy question to answer to answer, but it seems to be a rather hard one. Why this is because we are just online poker lovers. That is the best way that we can describe ourselves. We are generally anyone who loves a good game of online poker. Meaning that, if you love online poker, you are we and we are you. You see, that is why we said that who we are is a hard question to answer. You can give a few marks though for trying to tell you who we are though.

So, hie, we are Online Poker Lovers, it is a pleasure to meet you.

Why Online Poker?

The best way that we can answer that is question is, why not poker? Poker as a game is fun to play, add it online, then it becomes even better. So we shall have to shift that question back to you and ask you, why not poker? If you do not mind, we will add another question and ask, if not poker, then which other game? Online poker has by far the most variations, meaning that there are a lot of games, in fact, a game for everyone.

Why You should trust us?

If not us, then who? Who else will guide you through the game of online poker? Who else will link you up with the best online poker strategies? Hence, if you do love poker, and we assume that since you are on this site you love poker, then you have to trust us. We are the best when it comes to online poker. This is because; we are not one person, but a group of people, from all over the world. We have come together with one cause, and that is for the love of online poker. They do say, “Two heads are better than one”. Imagine the amount of information and knowledge that you get from hundreds of online poker lovers universally?

That deals with why you should trust us right?

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